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Universal Harmonics is the study of numbers as symbols of the single field of Consciousness.

Ancient languages were alphanumeric: each letter had a numerical value. This was not simply a counting system, for numbers were considered the Language of the Divine. Words and names having the same numerical sum indicated a similitude of underlying meaning. A text could contain many layers of information. The method of this encoding is called Gematria. Because Truth is everywhere present, as a hologram, information is also everywhere present. Universal Harmonics and Universal Harmonics Analysis uses the English language alphabet as a numerical system to present profound Truth. Numbers, as Divine Language symbols, speak to us beyond the verbal level of consciousness. There is a purity to numbers which our English language lacks. 1 is the symbol of Unity, the Creative impulse. 0 is that nothingness out of which all springs forth, undifferentiated Consciousness.

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This alternating OFF-ON-OFF-ON pattern is the Primary Binary from which manifested creation springs forth in expanding order of the harmonics of ONE.

The One Field of Consciousness, one Being ever undulates between Light and Dark, Order and Chaos.

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Ground State is potential, pregnant with all possibilities and form. The One is Aware and active. Consciousness in motion brings form into being, informs the whole, maintains the whole, is the whole.

Repeating the alternating pattern of 0 and 1 the symbol of form appears:

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As a model of the Universe, this suggests a dynamic of relationships interacting within a whole system.

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In a system any change affects the whole; as the components change, so does the outcome.

From The Ground State of O emerges the ONE separating and changing components.

  2  3   4   5 
1  1  1  1
0  0  0

Separation is what gives individuality to Consciousness in its many forms. Separation of white light into the rainbow spectrum of colors is what gives uniqueness to creation, for frequency differentiates from the undifferentiated Source. Separation produces Relationship.

From Unity, or 1, Duality occurs. Duality as mirrored aspect of Self enables separation for diversity of creation. Otherwise Unity could only replicate Self. White Light remains White Light unless broken up into the various frequencies of color spectrum.

2          3
4                     5
6                             7
8                                     9

Even numbers are considered Yin or Female Principle, Odd numbers Yang or Male Principle. Opposites enable form: Inside / Outside, Up / Down, Front / Back, Left / Right, etc. From Form comes Volume: a square is symbolic of Physicality or Earth. A square "fleshed out" becomes a cube. The Divine becomes Human. A cube unfolded becomes a cross. The Cross represents to Christians the release of Spirit from Matter....and return to Source. Thus, great cathedrals were built as a cross with specific geometries.

SQUARE = 81, as do the words UNFOLDED, SOURCE, BEGINNING. 81 = 92 or 9 squared. 1 is Unity, 8 the number of Resurrection, or our musical octave: 1 octave is 8 notes.

111 is sum of word PERFECTION, 9 being the number of perfection. 111 is also sum of words HUMANITY, and the Greek word for Christ, CHRISTOS. The Divine becomes Human so that the Human may become Divine.
111 is 3 x 37, 37 as sum of words BEING, BEGIN. 3 + 7 = 10, the number of new beginning. NEW BEGINNING = 123. BEGIN ANEW = 80, CREATOR.

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Knowledge of self as Self (mortal and also the Immortal) is to know oneself as The One and also The Whole. The Immortal I looks out through mortal eyes observing - and fashioning - creation. This immediate feedback to Source informs the whole. Observation concentrates a point of awareness within the field of Consciousness. Consciousness has come full circle from undifferentiated source to a particularized point of awareness within the whole.

Observer, by distinguishing differences, is the pause in the continuous motion of Consciousness. This critical analysis of what something "is" and "is not" may be the tension which maintains separation. This is true of my analysis method:

25 has definite components... 7
2    5

A change in any component changes the quaternary as a whole:

2    6

Everything is relative to the observer's NOW awareness: and there is only ONE observer. The One Consciousness is Source, Event, and Conclusion of all order and design. Consciousness initiates, participates, differentiates, assimilates and communicates all information: IN-FORMS the whole.

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Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is One............. There is no God but Allah........ Christ's prayer for our oneness with the Father.  There is but one Consciousness of which we are all components.

"Creation awaits with eager expectation the revealing of the
Sons of God."


Understanding Universal Harmonics

The Language explaining how Consciousness or Spirit increases in Complexity to become All Creation is called Sacred Geometry. Also called The Language of Silence, it is a visual representation of The One becoming The Many forms. From a single point or dot a Circle is formed: from The Still Point movement occurs in expansion. The Idea to create is represented by the Circle reproducing itself and pulling away from itself. As this motion occurs an almond shape appears in the common center. The almond shape is called Vesica Piscis, the Womb of all creation. Paintings of saints and holy persons are enclosed within this almond shape. It is from this shape that form appears: from its very top to its very bottom a vertical line is drawn inside the Vesica Piscis. A horizontal line bisects its widest part.

uh24b.jpg (11225 bytes)uh25b.jpg (5193 bytes)

Up and Down are now established, and bilateral symmetry appears. A Cross has been formed, as x and y axis.

Right angle triangles appear at each quadrant of the cross.

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Diagonal lines connecting end points of the cross form a diamond shape. This Diamond is the symbol for Universal harmonics.

Recall the diamond formed by numbers 1 to 9: the peak number is 7 0 4, which can be letters GOD. The bottom number form is 0. From the single Circle comes 2 circles, and the apex as culmination has the 0 as center number of 7 0 4.

7 and 4 = 11 of first form reproducing itself.
As 70 + 4 or 74 it is the Alphanumber for Cross.

uh18b.jpg (31675 bytes)

Diamond = 60, as do the words Inside, Order, Pure, Holy, Four.

Cross + Diamond: 74 + 60 = 134, Alphanumber of Visica Piscis.

134 = Information. Or In Formation.

74 also = Gematria, and Tarot. 134 = Tarot Order, or Gematria Found.

As the Womb of Creation, the Visica Piscis is the parent of Form. Indeed, 74 = Parent. The separation of circles is the process of cell division: a parent cell producing daughter cells.

The upward triangle of a diamond is the Yang or Expansion principle. The downward triangle is the Yin or Absorbtion Principle.

Manifested creation is the result of The One Consciousness expressed in diversity of form. It is a Unity expressed as opposites in a Quaternary relationship of 1 - 2 - 4:

uh28b.jpg (2934 bytes)

(QUATERNARY: a unity expressed in a fourness of integrated paired opposites)

1 - 2 - 4, the pattern of growth, expansion to fullness of form. At the extreme of polarity change occurs toward the opposite in a return to Source   4..3..2..1..0. (4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 10...higher scale of magnitude.)

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This Universal Pattern of Consciousness moving is Past (memory) connecting to Future (desire) in a continuum of action. Memory of past is pattern for behavior in present and future.

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This Primary Quaternary of Ones is termed The Sacred Four. Instead of a Trinity of Creation symbolized by uh34.jpg (986 bytes), a quaternary symbolized as uh35.jpg (1264 bytes).

A Divine Revelation accorded to Julian of Norwich in centuries past was a small round thing held in the palm of her hand, its weight and size having "the quality of a hazelnut". It was, she was informed, the totality of all that exists. (To this author it was known to be a white ball, or ball of white light.) O as Source and sum of all may be symbolized as the single O at Base:

uh33b.jpg (8743 bytes)

9 as letter I, O as All.

UNIVERSE.......UNI = single unit; ONE......1
              VERSE = turning.....ONE, turning

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Octavation is pattern repeat at a higher level on the spiral of creation. Learning a skill is an example of octavation, as expertise is acquired by repeated use of knowledge and tools. Life events repeat as octavation occurs. We have opportunity to correct errors (balance within cancellation zone) and rise above situation, or decay into habit / compulsive / addictive behavior at a lower level on the Life Spiral. Pattern repeat in the natural world is perceived as cycles of activity.

Universal harmonics is the study of numbers as symbols of the single field of Consciousness.

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This alternating OFF-ON-OFF-ON pattern is the Primary Binary from which manifested creation springs forth in expanding order of the harmonics of ONE.

The One Field of Consciousness, one Being ever undulates between Light and Dark, Order and Chaos.

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Ground State is potential, pregnant with all possibilities and form. The One is Aware and active. Consciousness in motion brings form into being, informs the whole, maintains the whole, is the whole.

Repeating the alternating pattern of 0 and 1 the symbol of form appears:

uh3b.jpg (2478 bytes)

uh4b.jpg (2795 bytes)

As a model of the Universe, this suggests a dynamic of relationships interacting within a whole system.

uh5b.jpg (23395 bytes)

uh6b.jpg (6663 bytes)

-1 meets +1 in 0.
This suggests interference waves of cancellation, whereas the line
of 111 is reinforcement: Creation
and Destruction for Creation anew.

This is similar to Newton's Optics experiment of rings of color or dark arcs of cancellation.

In the linear model of numbers 1 to 9 is a hidden pattern of relationships as numbers interact. These hidden numbers I have termed INTERSTITIAL NUMBERS, a sum or difference between two numbers.

(1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, 3 + 4 = 7)

uh7b1.jpg (2489 bytes)

Decreasing number value is equally evident:

(3 - 2 = 1, 5 - 3 = 2, 7 - 3 = 4 or 7 - 4 = 3)

uh7b2.jpg (2483 bytes)

uh8b.jpg (11423 bytes)

uh9b.jpg (9005 bytes)

From The Ground State of 0 emerges The One in increasing increments of 1. A system of relationships results from the alternation of 0101 which balances interaction between Initial Impulse and Completion.

uh10.jpg (13917 bytes)

1111 as Dirac Delta function.

Hexagonal shapes as Benard Cells of molecules in sudden movement in one direction. Reverse flow is alternation of reinforcement / cancellation interference waves of Consciousness in motion.

As humankind has developed through the ages its language, written symbols, art, technology and communication have increased in complexity. Complexity seems to be the solution of any living system which has reached the limit of its growth. By folding back upon itself, as does our human brain and an eddy in moving fluid, the basic pattern continues to grow at a higher level of existence. This higher level has its own eventual limit where yet another leap will occur for continued growth. These quantum leaps are octaves of behavior in a spiral of expansion. The observable trait of Life is growth, whether at the level of cell division or eons of stellar and galactic existence.

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The one pattern of growth repeating at even higher octaves is the Harmonics of ONE, Universal Harmonics.

Numbers 1 to 9, when divided by ONE, retain their number value: Numbers 1 to 8, when divided by 9 also retain their number value, but in smaller scale:

uh12b.jpg (15479 bytes)

9 is the door to 1 and 0: consciousness fully experienced returns to Source.

small scale or microcosm.............1 9 = .111
large scale or macrocosm.............9 9 = 1.0

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According to Joseph Campbell's research of comparative mythology, 9 is the number of The Goddess, that universality of cycles whose rhythm pattern is the shape of Time.

(Reference is made to a "Cabalah of 9 chambers" in esoteric Hebrew literature.)

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The New English Version Tarot System has 27 Major Arcana cards, or Universal Principles.

Time, and Transcendence

In his writings on  Consciousness, Charles Muses presents hypernumbers in his mathematical models.  These are numbers which are beyond our 1 to 9 system, beyond the square root of -1: they map Consciousness.  "Mathematics maps the nature of the physical cosmos, and the related bio-psychic cosmos as well."

Hypernumbers have letter names such as U 3 to U 7. and lower case letters or Greek letters.  Hypernumbers are related to the Mind rather than Matter; they are located on the Y axis of Transcendence:

*.............................Y Axis is this vertrical line
       (-3)--(-2)---(-1)--|--(+1)--(+2)--(+3)-- ( X AXIS is  this horizontal line )

The center point where the upright line and the horizontal line meet is "0".   This is Zero Point.  Notice  that this cross is formed in the Vesica Piscis of UHA graphic where 2 circles share an almond shape center: inside this almond shape or Vesica Piscis is the UHA Diamond.  The 2 circles can be seen as the UHA symbol of :
+ 2
- 0

The 1--1 is inner awareness and outer awareness, the " As Above, So Below".

The words "Center Cross" as 65 + 74 read "Center Energy"...the energy of Zero Point at center of All.  ( 65 is an 11, as is 74, thus the 11:11 idea ) And 74 = Jesus, reference to Christ Consciousness or Unity Consciousness....All being One.

At the center of this model is the cross of horizontal or linear time and vertical or holistic, maybe holographic time.


Using the keyboard for this graphic,  the #1 is above, below, right and left with "0" at the very center.

This graphic also describes a diamond shape, when diagonal lines are drawn to connect the 4 lines. /\ from top to each side. \/ from bottom to each side.  This is the basis for Universal Harmonics God's Diamond graphic at link: http://geocities.com/weird_zone_2000/earthalchemy/godsdiamond.htm

9 is number of the Goddess. the shape of time as cycles, or the continuum of change:
1 divided by 9 = 0.11111111111 to infinity.
9 is a finality, and yet it is a transitional number reconnecting the conclusion of a cycle to its beginning at 0.1 or the spiral at the next level.

This cross shape is the horizontal and vertical set of numbers 101,  joining +1 and its mirror of -1. ( Seen also as a sinewave, or S on its side as a circle opened into its linear "S" shape or as a spiral. )

101 is a palindrome or mirror number reading the same backward or forward.
101 can also be seen as a fractal of 10 and 1, the large and the small.
The number 101 is alphanumeric sum of phrase " Fractal Scale", and "Right Angle" which refers to the 4 arms of this cross shape as right angles from each other.
101 x 11 = 1111  ( The 11:11 symbol )  1111 is Binary code for #15; alphabet letter #15 is O.....O and 1 are the Binary code of "off" and "on".   The Universe blinks off and on at a known frequency; the single field of Consciousness or  Universe blinks from undifferentiated or "O" of no self awareness, to "1" of particularized awareness of form as wave to particle to cell and galaxy, now self aware or having self referral.  ( In the human, this would be deep dreamless sleep as "O", and "1" as being self aware whether in dreamstate or waking state....one's "I" consciousness of being.

101 is also the alphanumeric sum of words  System, Immortal, Full Circle, and "Tree of Life" ( an  esoteric model of the universe in the large and in the small ) 
101 = Ultimate  ( The Tao symbol of 2 comma shapes of black and white is called the Ultimate: 101 is the same idea. )

101 is a Prime Number.

The center 0 is Zero. ( the "Z" of this X and Y axis...XYZ, final letters of the English alphabet ) The Z shape is " balance and the change to its opposite",   shown as the horizontal top and bottom lines joined by the diagonal "change to opposite" line. Wisdom of the I Ching principle is that everything changes to its opposite.

0 as the word Zero has alphanumeric sum of 64. ( notice that 6+4=10 )
64 is also sum of word Orbit, usually a circular motion.
64 = True
64 = Thumb. A priest uses the thumb to make the sign of a cross on the forehead of a communicant or candidate for initiation / confirmation. 

This cross within a diamond shape is symbolic of humanity's ultimate awareness: Spirit or the One Field of Consciounsess in biological form, self aware of its True nature as Spirit.


Significance of years 2006 and 2007

There are  27 Master Number cycles in a year, determined by the numerical sum for each month + date which result in a self iterated digit or Master Number such as 44,55,66,77,88,99,111. These unique  dates correspond to our 26 letter English alphabet with the addition of letter #27, the inverted Y symbol of Unification.   There is also a cube 13 influence for Earth, brought into my awareness 2005:   the cube 13 sum of 2197 ( 13 x 13 x 13 )  is the  nearest cube sum to our current year numbers. This suggests a particular significance for years 2005, 2006 and 2007; reduced to 25,26,27, these are the final 3 letters of our alphabet, and the final 3 numbers of the numerology template ( 3 rows of 9 letters as A to I...J to R...S to #27 inverted Y of Unity, Wholeness. ) 

Our 26 letter alphabet can be seen as a triangle of 13 letters on each side, with opposite matching letter pairs each having a sum of 27.  Each opposite pair from peak of triangle to its base form an ever larger triangle. ( 27 is sum of words Base , Code )

[ ...................inverted   Y...."capstone":  June 15 = 65 = Center, Alphabet ]
13.....June 5 = 55...M  ( 27 ) 14 N  ...June 16 = 66 
12.........................L......27......15 O.... June 27 = 77
11.......................K........27.......16 P.....July 9 = 77
10.....................J..........27.........17 Q.....July 20 = 88
9.....................I.............27...........18 R.....July 31 = 99
8...................H.............27.............19 S.....August 10 = 99
7.................G...............27...............20 T....August 29 = 111
6...............F..................27.................21 U...September 8 = 111
5.............E....................27...................22 V...October 10 = 88
4...........D.....................27......................23 W...October 21 = 99
3........C........................27........................24 X...November 5 = 99
2......B..........................27..........................25 Y...November 17 = 111
1...A ...Jan. 9=99.........27.............................26 Z...December 11 = 66 
----   Final date is December 22 ( 55 + 22 = 77)... 27 = BASE ----

Year 2005 as #25 letter Y....2006 as #26 letter Z....2007 as #27  meaning Wholeness, completed process of unification, resolution of opposites, Oneness.

This diagram has 13 pairs of letters,  and each pair letter value = 27.  With the final single date of December 22,   there are now 14 sums of 27 which total 378.  Notice that 378 is the triangular of 27, or the sum of 1 to 27 in triangle format.
378 = "The mystery of God should be fulfilled."
37 = Begin, Side ..... 78 = Start, Building.  Our #14 letter N is the Begin / Start of the downward Side of the alphabet pyramid and the 14th Master number cycle of  a year. Each succeding letter pair is Building the  triangle height.  ( 78 also = October.  Cube = 31 = Fall.  October is the Fall month, with 31 days. Notice that 31 sum for Cube is the reverse of 13 )

Peak of this triangle has the same meaning as the capstone of a pyramid.  Inverted Y symbol of letter #27 is upward movement, meaning ascension and completion of a process.

+.......  27    ( inverted Y, and the  Y as a vowel )
M=13---14 =N
*..........26 ( the mean as final whole number, 27-1 = 26 )

1 as letter A....MAN, and  MANY ( MAN + long e sound of vowel Y ). The 1 Consciousness or 1 Spirit as Many, and the completed process of consciousness when the "many" know themselves as 1. 
27 is 1 + 26, or  A to Z.
26 = God, thus 27 = 1 God or God ( as ) 1. 

Refer to God's Diamond graphic at this link:

Universal Harmonics
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The Metaphysics of Music, Harmony, and Color.

A  Cubed IO-Sphere Creates The World
"You cannot solve a problem on the same level that it was created.
You must rise above it to the next level." --Albert Einstein

Alphanumeric Analysis of Relationship Between Cube and Sphere


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