The New English Version Tarot

William Eisen found the contemporary or English version of the Tarot Deck after 7 years of study: He compiled 26 Tarot Major Arcana cards for the 26 letter English alphabet. To have 26 Major Arcana cards, the 4 Court Cards were added: The King, The Queen, The Knight, The Page. (These 4 have the same significance as the Tao symbol of a black comma shape and a white comma shape united in a circle: each comma shape contains its opposite color as a small circle or "eye" symbolizing interrelatedness of paired opposites.) The 4 court cards are the 4 paths from the "missing" sephira, Daath, connecting it to   the two outer pillars on The Tree of Life model of the Universe. The middle pillar of the Tree of Life is now completed. Alphanumerical name sum of these 4 court cards is 333, or 3 x 111, the alphanumber of: Perfection, Humanity, DNA Template, Alphanumber, Christos, Convergence, and  Male + Female Balance (The Emperor and The Empress are cards 1 and 26.......  A and Z.).

Universal Harmonics has added a 27th card which fulfills the 1 to 27 Numerological template, and the 1 to 1 correspondence of Hebrew and English alphabets. Original 22 Tarot Major Arcana cards correspond to the 22 Hebrew letters; the 5 added cards correspond to the 5 Hebrew final letter forms, thus the current 27 Hebrew alphabet letters. English reads left to right, and Hebrew reads right to left, as the inward and outward spirals from core or Source. Hebrew Tarot is the more elemental, or Involution of Spirit descending into Matter; English is the more psychological or Evolution of  Matter knowing itself as Spirit, or Knowledge of Source. Indeed, Daath is translated in English as "Knowledge".  The 1 to 27 alphanumeric template is also a fractal numeric system of numbers 1-10-100 to 9-90-900.

U H template at
In the English Tarot version, all Tarot cards have changed positions except The Hierophant and Death, which remain #5 and #13. Card #1 is The Emperor or "A", and card # 26 is The Empress or "Z". When viewed as a circle, the card at 1:00 position is The Emperor and the circle closes at 11:00 position with #26 The Empress.  Between these 2 cards, at 12:00 position, is the 27th card which is an  inverted Y, symbol of uniting male and female principles, or symbol of Unity from Diversity, All as One. As if in confirmation of this data, the alphanumeric sum of One = 34 = Daath.
The 26th letter as Z can also be read as "God", which = 26. A is 1, thus A and Z   together read "1 God". (This is the unified male and female, God and Goddess idea.) The Y-Not, or 27th card, can also be understood as Zero, Unity, or Source in any Tarot spread or readings. 

The original Tarot card #1 is The Magician, which becomes English Tarot card #9. Our 9th English letter is "I",  the psychological  identity of self, "I am..." After a 9 month gestation, the  human infant grows toward the " I am" consciousness of individuality. The human quest is to find the "I" as Oneness with Source, Spirit, God. 

New Tree of Life Model of the Universe

Many sensitives are aware of something unique happening for Earth currently, a heightened awareness of Earth energies, a rising of Earth vibrations or frequencies. This suggests that the Earth is Ascending, as imaged on the final traditional Tarot card #21, The World.  Earth, as 10, is physicality or the extent of Spirit having descended into Matter. (In Tarot English version, card #10 is The World.)   Number 10 is positioned alone on the Tree of Life, quite separate and completely opposite from Source, or #1 on the Hebrew Tree of Life shown below. The circles are symbols for numbers or Emanations from Source; these circles are called  Sephiroth, plural of Sephira or single Emanation.  From Source or 1 the concept of Opposites occurs as 2 and 3:  Creation into form can begin.  This progression from 1 to 10 is Consciousness manifesting from  idea to completion.  The paths between these Sephiroth are the 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards, or the Universal Principles.

#3...O.....O  #2
#5...O.....O  #4
#8...O......O  #7

Notice the gap or missing Sephira between the planes of 2 - 3 and 4 -5.  As a circuit, this gap makes a continuous flow of energy impossible.  A New Tree of Life model forms a completed circuit with perfect symmetry by raising #10 to the heretofore empty space.

Consider the image  of The Hanged Man Tarot card as a reversal of 1  and 4, his leg position forming a figure "4".  (This card shows a man hanging upside down from a tree branch by 1 foot, his arms casually  positioned behind his back.) The Hanged man Tarot card is #14 in English version: 14 as 1 and 4.   This card is the idea of "reversal"; the Universal Harmonics Diamond model of our 1 to 9 number system is made of 2 triangles base to base, or an upright triangle of paired sums and its reversed triangle of subtracted number pairs.

In the traditional Tree of Life, the missing or hidden Sephira is named Daath.  In the Universal Harmonics Tree of Life model, #10 as  Earth (also called The Bride) is lifted up as the new #4  Sephiroth on the Tree. In this position, a diamond shape is formed: The Bride, or #10 as the base of this diamond is the reflection or reversal of #1.  [Example: a glass door with the number 10 painted on it appears as 01 from its opposite side.]

The fourth Sephira Daath has a sum or alphanumber of 34, which also = ONE. (4 is One.)
Daath is now directly below #1 Kether, a reflection of #1. The peak or cumulative sum of Universal Harmonics diamond graphic is 704, or GOD.  1 God = 27, the completed 3 x 9 alphanumeric template.  4 x 27 = 108. 108 = Accomplished. 108 also = The Y-Not, name for the 27th letter of our alphabet. (hyphen as " 1 "  at 90 degrees, or the reversal  from vertical  to horizontal, which forms  the cross within a Vesica Piscis)  Configuration of  present Tree of Life model of the universe:

Notice the zig-zag of motion as number series goes from 1 to 10.  It seemed there had to be a way to make this model of the Universe symmetrical: it becomes so by bringing 10 up to the "gap" between levels 2-3 and 5-6.  That forms a diamond, or 3 interlaced diamonds.

Notice that 1-3-4 as 134 = Information, and Vesica Piscis: almond shape of 1 circle separating from another has a cross inside which forms  a diamond.  Diamond = 60 = Four, Found. Inside, Order. The Vesica Piscis, called the Womb or Door of Creation, has a female reference; The final book of The Bible, Revelation of Saint John, mentions The Bride.  (There is also mention of 2 trees, reflecting the Genesis account of 2 trees in the Garden of Eden.)  Where  position of #10 as The Bride was cast down in the original Tree of Life, She has now been lifted up,  exalted on the new Tree of Life.  Tarot card "The World" is an image of a woman ascending in triumph. This card was #21, the final Hebrew letter and final Tarot Major Arcana. "The World" is now Tarot card #10 in the new English Tarot order.

The 4th Letter in Hebrew is  Daleth, one meaning of which is "Door".   Shape of that letter  looks like a 7.   Note that 4 & 7 are aligned on the middle pillar in this model: 47 is the sum of these words: Monad, Time, Force, Yang
74 = Cross, Energy, Tarot,  Beauty, Parent, Jesus, Lucifer (We are lead to believe these two persons are opposites.)  47 and 74 each = 11, symbol of  the Primary Quaternary:

1  1
This now "fleshed out" or fulfilled gap in the Tree of Life called  Daath   is translated "Knowledge" in English.  Knowledge = 96, and 96 also = Reversed, Destiny / Density. Notice on the bottom of the middle pillar of the Tree the final numbers are 6 and 9: going from bottom to top the flow is 9 to 6, or 96 which = Reversed.

Daath = 34 of One, Free, Grace, Dark.  34 can also read "1 Name", as Monad having 1 name, "I".  Or, it can read 1 Peak, as the UHA Diamond peak of 704, or GOD.  It can also read 1 Gate.  Jesus said "No man can go to the Father except by me."   That Gate or Peak would be attainment of Unity, Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness symbolized by the 27th letter of our alphabet (the inverted Y).  Number 6 Sephira on the Tree is  referred to as the Christ Center, and is translated "Beauty".  Beauty = 74 = Jesus.  Christ Consciousness = 252, as does Thousand Petaled Lotus: Sanskrit term for full activation of Divine energy having risen from  base of human spine (as #10 of original Tree of Life)  to crown of head.  Number 1 on the Tree is called The Crown. Notice that 2-5-2 as single digits = 9, or as 25 + 2 = 27.  So, that 1 name of Monad or Unity Consciousness would be "I"...letter I is 9th letter, or Roman numeral I.  1 & 9 are our number system.  9 is the number of Spiritual Perfection. 
The right column numbers of 2-5-9 can read as B-E-I, or  BE I...Be "I".

25 = All.
9 is "I" 
" All  I ". 

Reading 259 in reverse, as 952:

95 = Process, or Promise, and 52 = Earth.
95 = Alignment, and 52 = Door (Recall that a Hebrew meaning of #4 Daleth is "Door".)
95 = Kundalini ( the Divine Essence or Energy at base of spine which flows upward to crown of head as Enlightnement occurs)
52 = Heart.  Kundalini is said to dwell in "The chamber in the heart".   In sacred art, this is the familiar picture or statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus.  

Having achieved Unity Consciousness, by way of Knowledge or Daath, we can now know ourselves as One. The prayer of Jesus in the Garden before his arrest was, " that they may be one, as Thou, Father, and I are One."  (John 17)

There is occuring in humanity the activation of a "Higher Heart" chakra or energy center located in the heart / thymus area.  Humanity = 111 = Perfection.   111 is also the sum of Christos, the Greek name for Christ. 

The 4 Court cards as newly added Major Arcana are numbered 11, 12 and 16, 17.  Recall that card # 10 is The World, the female principle ascending.
#11 is The King  (Major Yang in Oriental system)
#12 is The Knight, as the young Prince  (Minor Yang)
#16 is The Page, or the young Princess (Minor Yin)
#17 is The Queen (Major Yin)

Notice how their positions are mirrored:
Major Yang and Minor reversed polarity as.... Minor Yin and Major Yin.
As a  bookend effect, this outpictures as our present Mirror Year of 2002: 11 years (or 1 sunspot cycle) from 2002 is 1991, Mirror Year of our previous century.  There is a 110 year cycle between each century's palindrome year: 1661, 1771, 1881, 1991...until 2002, a break in an otherwise stable cycle. (110 = Christmas: the birth of Christ,   basis for our Anno Domini or AD year significator, such as 2002 AD.)

Between these 2 mirrored sets of Court cards are cards # 13, 14, 15  in what I term the Easter sequence:
#13 Death, now named Transformation (Idea of Good Friday, death of Jesus)
#14 The Hanged Man, a willing sacrifice of a reversal effect (Holy Saturday)
#15 The Sun, a rebirth or renewal (Easter Sunday, the Transformation event)

The Sun Tarot card is the image of a young child, or twin boy and girl, as offspring of The King and The Queen. 

Following this sequence of Court cards is card #18, The Tower. This is the universal principle of tearing down old established ideas, constructs by image of a lightening bolt hitting the crowned top of a stone castle or tower. Lightening is the major influence here, and in English Tarot this card is renamed Enlightenment.  The 17th letter of our alphabet is " Q ", symbol for quantity of Light measured in Lumens. Card #17 is The Queen.

Mention must be made of September 11, 2001 plane crashes into the twin towers of New York City.  This event is more than a physical act of destruction and death: it is the outpicturing of the Easter sequence Death, Hanged man (as willing sacrifice), and Sun as renewal, rebirth.  At least 2 babies have now been born to mothers whose husbands died in the September 11 crashes.  Rebirth for Afghanistan includes raising the status of women in that country....woman ascending, of #10 The World card.

Tearing down the old pattern of behavior, belief, way of life is occuring as people are affected by events of September 11 in New York .  Notice that New York = 111, the first triple Master Number, and sum of first column in the alphanumeric template:


Tarot card for 100 is #19, The Star, which of course follows card #18, The Tower or Enlightenment.  111 = Humanity, Perfection, DNA Template, and Christos: Christ being the model for the next biological stage of humanity.  Christ as 77 = Group, and   "os" of Christos = 34, sum of ONE, Daath (new #4 Sephorith on Tree of Life).  Group Consciousness, as One or Unity from Diversity,  is symbolized by our 27th alphabet letter and Tarot card, the inverted Y. 

Card #10, The World, shows a nude female ascending, her genital area artfully draped with a cloth or banner. This is the principle of the higher feminine aspect of be-ing; it is also a reference to that area of our human brain which has the appearance of prehistoric figurines of The Goddess: headless torso without feet.  The exposed breasts of the female figure in The World card are reference to the 2 mammillary bodies of the brain; brain aqueducts form the ample hips and full pregnant shape abdomen of this goddess in the brain.  The aqueduct is a large area for spinal fluid which is pumped from the lower spine to the brain in a closed system; this biochemical fluid can become those "Living Waters" mentioned by Christ enabling one to "thirst no more".   This can occur by having a change in enzymes which can then generate new forms of order in the molecules. "The World" has a sum of 105, as does "DNA Molecule", or Molecules ("s" for plural = 19, as does DNA).  105 is also the sum of words Liberation ( as the woman ascending figure on the Tarot card ),   Pregnancy (as the full abdomen of The Goddess figurine reference to the brain),   Lightening (image on The Tower Tarot card),  Male Energy (as a process for males and females), and the word Unifying,  a function of the 27th letter and Tarot card.

Ancient texts refer to a Sacred Pregnancy for humans: the innate yet dormant brain area for newness of life as the human species octavates, ascends to its next level. This is the idea of Virgin Birth, the brain or The Goddess as ever virgin yet ever pregnant.  A new human body must have new DNA programs to activate long dormant brain areas.   Enlightenment, as card #18 The Tower, may come by way of Kundalini rising to crown of head carried by cerebrospinal fluid, or rising through the central canal of our spinal cords.  Traditional  Tarot card #3 The Empress is Hebrew letter Gimel, meaning Camel which is a carrier for long journeys. English card #3 is The Moon: an image of the long pathway from sea creature to mammals (as having common DNA) to the distant mountaintop where Heaven and Earth meet.
This meeting of Heaven with Earth is a function of the Pranic tube of light which enters the crown chakra or crown area of the human skull, that "soft spot" of a newborn's skull. The Pranic tube carries Light through the body and outward into the very Earth.  We are the mountain where Heaven and Earth meet.  The brain aqueducts become  "the wellsprings from on high" of Biblical mention. Tarot card #19, The Star, is an image of a nude female pouring water from a pitcher or jug held in each hand. These two containers  can refer to the right and left brain aqueducts and flowing cerebrospinal fluid. Tarot card #20 is Temperance: image of an angelic being holding a gold chalice in each hand, an energetic flow of fluid or water passing between these two chalices.  Chalice is a symbol for Holy Grail; Holy Grail = 107 = Whole Brain (brain functioning as a unity, rather than right or left hemisphere). This energetic area between brain hemispheres is the Corpus Callosum, which is a neural connector, bridge or unifier of opposite sides of  the brain. A Unifier of opposites is the 27th letter and Tarot card, the inverted Y.  107 also = Heaven + Earth.  107 = Aquarius, therefore Age of Aquarius also reads, "Age of Whole Brain" or "Age of Heaven + Earth".  This concept of the merged levels of consciousness is symbolized by the angelic being of Tarot card  Temperance.  Temperance is #20 or letter "T": T is a Mayan symbol for Divine Breath or Breath of God, the inward and outward movement of cycles. 20 is sum of word Chi or Ki, the life force of Creation which flows through our bodies and our planet.

English Tarot card #21 is The Fool, image of a carefree youth about to step off a ledge into an abyss, or a spirit about to "fall" into physical manifestation.  He holds a staff over one shoulder, and tied at end of the staff is a bag of unknown contents.  There is an area in our brain called "the bag", the very wrinkled Cerebellum containing the Arbor Vitae, or Tree of Life.  Hebrew letter 19 (The Star) is Qoph, meanning "back of head".  Our Cerebellum is located at the base of our skull, back of head.  The Fool is traditional Tarot card "0".  The Fool = 81 = Source, Beginning. 

81 is 9 x 9, or 9 squared, and the geometric square means physicality.
81 also = Activate, and Tower, which is Tarot card #18.  Notice the number reversal 81 and 18.
81 = Horus, the child or Trinity of Osiris and Isis in Egyptian mythology.
81 is 3 x 27.

It is mathematically possible to have 317 cell types in the human body; there is a reported 254 total of cell types currently. 317 - 254 = 63.  63 = Divine, Whole, Spine.

There are at least 3 new types of children now on Earth:

The Indigo Children
The Super Psychic Children, for whom "miracles" are commonplace
Children with a new type of liver, which would require different or new DNA.

Recall the famous painting of The Peaceable Kingdom, where a child stands among the animals in perfect harmony: "the lion will lie down with the lamb..",  of Old Testament prophecy.  This is an image for the concept of  "Heaven on Earth".